"Pass on the authentic taste to every neighborhood of Greece. During this trip never forget to treat your customers as if they were your own children"
Grandfather Savvikos.

Since 1947, when grandfather Savvikos introduced his famous "souvlaki" to his home town, until today, many things have changed. However, our values are always the same: excellent quality food, timeless traditional taste, respect for our customers. We continue our grandfather's vision and we honor his words through every taste we create. Because the best things in life are meant to be shared. Thus, 6 decades later, the traditional authentic taste, which honors the one who chooses it, has the signature of Savvikos.

High quality

Every day we pick with dedication and passion only the best that nature has to offer, aiming for top quality tastes. Fresh Greek meats, spices and flavors from all over the world, and fresh vegetables consist the list of our ingredients and make our recipes to stand out.